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Animal Control

The Animal Warden responds to calls regarding:

  • Loose or wild dogs
  • Lost or found dogs or cats
  • Injured dogs or cats
  • Dog or cat fatalities
  • Bats - removal & testing from living spaces

For information, call 216-491-1490 (after hours or emergencies, call 216-491-1499 or 216-491-1288).

Dog License

Licenses can be purchased online from Cuyahoga County.
All new residents to Shaker Heights (from outside the County or State) must purchase a license within 30 days of moving to the City.

Moves within Cuyahoga County require a transfer form from the County, or call 216-443-7028.

Deer Damage Control

Deer have adapted to living in our yards and park system. Unfortunately, they have also adapted to eating our landscaping and shrubbery.

Please do not call police to help with removal of a deer -- even if it appears to be injured. An injured deer can survive and is best left to manage on its own. If a deer is somehow trapped inside your yard, you may wish to contact the City's Animal Warden. If you discover a fawn, leave it alone; the mother is likely nearby and will return.

The City endorses the following two recommendations from the Ohio Division of Wildlife to help prevent deer damage to your property:

  1. Scare devices and techniques. Probably the simplest and least expensive method is the use of streamers, flags, aluminum pie pans, or any other object that will move in the breeze or reflect natural or artificial light. Unfortunately, studies have shown that scare tactics are not very effective.
  2. Chemical Repellents. Chemical repellents act on a deer's sense of smell and taste to reduce, but not eliminate, plant damage. Home and garden centers carry a wide assortment. Repellents should be applied before damage occurs, applied often and switched frequently. They are most effective under low deer density situations. Be sure to follow manufacturer's guidelines and procedures closely and be aware that application to edible plants may render them unfit for human consumption if applied at the wrong time.  
Sunday, August 30, 2015

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