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Block Parties

Summer in Shaker is block party time! But before the fun begins, residents must register block parties with the City at least two weeks in advance. This gives the Police and Fire Departments ample notice of street closures.

All Shaker block parties receive:

  • Special brush pick-up/street cleaning prior to the event
  • Delivery of barricades to block the street
  • Police car or Fire truck for youngsters to see up close
  • Mayor and Council member visits

Please note that it may be necessary to obtain a permit for tents from the Fire Department. Also, the City does not have tables or chairs to loan or rent, and the City is not able to deliver equipment (excluding barricades) to block parties or association gatherings.

Register a block party today!

For more information contact the Recreation Department at 216-491-1290.

Friday, November 27, 2015