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Relocating to Shaker Heights is less about moving than it is about coming home. Residents share in the delights of community for which Shaker is known -- walking on miles of sidewalks under a canopy of trees, nods and smiles as dog walkers pass, toddlers waving to pals from stroller to stroller.

Since 1912, the City of Shaker Heights has been a model suburban community -- carefully planned, beautifully conceived, maintained through top notch services and composed of an extraordinarily diverse and talented population. People are drawn here by a compelling sense of connectedness to one’s neighbors, outstanding schools, architecturally distinguished housing options, proximity to both downtown and outlying areas, and the City’s natural beauty. They relish a cosmopolitan, multicultural lifestyle that is both affordable and accessible.

Considering a move to Shaker? Are you a New Resident? 

Relocation Services

An array of relocation services is available to prospective residents:

  • Relocation Packet
  • Assistance in arranging school tours
  • Introduction to a current resident with whom to speak
  • A list of top selling Shaker realtors
  • An invitation to read Shaker Contemporary Living for an indepth look into our community
  • In addition to the City's free relocation services, Compass Cleveland Relocation offers an array of fee based services tailored to the specific needs of those making an international move.
  • Check out Global Cleveland, a nonprofit organization working to actively attract newcomers, and to welcome and connect them to the many economic and social opportunities throughout Greater Cleveland. It is a useful relocation resource.

 Housing Options

To Buy

Shaker Heights is known for a spectrum of architecturally beautiful homes. Most of the houses were built during the 1920s and 1930s and have been lovingly maintained by owners who meet or exceed the City's requirements for home maintenance. A top selling Shaker realtor can help you find your perfect home.

Other options are to:

  • Build a new home on a vacant lot
  • Purchase a two-family home
  • Check out a fully rehabbed home by our highly qualified Shaker Renovators
  • The County offers a down payment assistance program, and the Heritage Home Purchase Program combines free technical assistance from Cleveland Restoration Society, a home purchase loan from First Federal Lakewood, and a Heritage Home Purchase Program special fixed rate home improvement loan facilitated by CRS and First Federal Lakewood.

In order to ensure that all homes being sold are in compliance with code, a Point of Sale Inspection is required for all home sales.

Learn about other housing incentives.

To Rent

Although Shaker is primarily a community of homeowners, there are apartments and one- and two-family rentals.

Most apartment buildings are located along Van Aken Boulevard, Warrensville Center Road, North Moreland and Kemper Roads.

Two-family rentals are scattered throughout the City with the largest concentration on Winslow Road, a vibrant one-mile stretch of two-family homes designated a historic district by the Shaker Heights Landmark Commission. These properties are often listed for rent on major real estate websites.

Single family rentals are available, but not plentiful. The best resource for locating these is also major real estate websites.

Shaker Heights Latest

Now Hiring: Police Officers

Dateline: September 28, 2015 - The Shaker Heights Police Department offers rewarding opportunities for those interested in building a career as a police officer. Interested? Applications will be available October 14.

Deer Task Force Seeks Input from Residents on Local Deer

Dateline: September 28, 2015 – Mayor Earl Leiken’s Deer Task Force encourages residents to share their observations of and damage from the local deer population through two online tools: a Deer Survey and a Deer Incident/Damage Report. The survey will enable the Deer Task Force to collect data on how frequently residents see deer in their neighborhoods, what concerns residents have regarding deer, and whether deer have damaged property and/or landscaping. Residents whose property has been damaged may complete the incident report to share photos and detail the extent of any damage.


Shaker Broadband Study Begins

Dateline: September 21, 2015 - City officials recently approved a three-month contract with the firm Design Nine, Inc. to conduct a broadband needs assessment. The study will map Shaker’s existing public and private fiber assets, evaluate broadband affordability in Shaker, and identify whether the City should have a role in ensuring affordable broadband access to residents and businesses in the future. Read more.

Shaker Schools Facilities Survey Underway

Community Meetings Scheduled for October 12

Dateline: September 28, 2015 - The Shaker Heights City School District is surveying residents about the adequacy, maintenance, and care of the District’s buildings and grounds. The community survey will be conducted through October 9. All residents are encouraged to participate in the online survey, available here, on the school district’s website, and sent to residents via email. Residents can access a computer to take the survey at Shaker Heights Public Library locations. In addition to the online survey, Shaker Heights High School students will conduct the survey at selected locations throughout the community. The results of the survey will be discussed on October 12 at two community meetings, 4-6pm and 7-9 pm, in the Shaker Heights Middle School auditorium. The City and the District look forward to resident participation in this important community discussion of how we can best meet the needs of our students in the 21st century.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

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