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Codified Ordinances


Codified Ordinances (complete through June 1, 2013)

Amended and new ordinances enacted since June 1, 2013:

Ordinance No. 14-44: Enacted June 23, 2014, will become effective on July 23, 2014. Amending Sections 749.01, 749.11, and 749.14, amending Sections 753.10, 753.11, and 753.12 by adding them to Chapter 749 as amended, and renumbering them, and repealing Sections 749.13, 753.01, 753.02, 753.03, 753.04, 753.05, 753.06, 753.07, 753.13, 753.14, and 753.15 of the General Offenses Code of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Shaker Heights concerning “Weapons and Explosives” and “Firearms and Handgun Control.”

Ordinance No. 14-28: Enacted May 19, 2014, will become effective June 18, 2014, with the revised fees effective on August 25, 2014. Amending Section 141.19 of the Administrative Code of the Codified Ordinances of Shaker Heights relative to School Age Care Program fees.

Ordinance No. 14-25: Enacted April 28, 2014, will become effective May 28, 2014. Amending Section 1411.17 of the Housing Code of the Codified Ordinances of Shaker Heights concerning electric service to residential detached garages.

Ordinance No. 14-24: Enacted April 28, 2014, will become effective May 28, 2014. Amending Sections 1309.07, 1309.10, and 1309.13, repealing Section 1309.12, and adding new Section 1309.99 of the Building Code of the Codified Ordinances of Shaker Heights concerning the authority of the Architectural Board of Review.

Ordinance No. 13-90Enacted February 24, 2014, effective March 26, 2014. Amending Section 1133.10 and repealing Section 1135.032 of the Traffic Code of the City of Shaker Heights Codified Ordinances to ban the use of hand-held electronic wireless communications devices while driving in the City.

Ordinance No. 13-87: Enacted October 28, 2013; Effective November 27, 2013. Amending Section 141.22 of the Administrative Code of the Shaker Heights Codified Ordinances relative to various fees for the use of Thornton Park Ice Rink.

Ordinance No. 13-45: Effective August 7, 2013. Amending Sections 1211.02 and 1233.03, repealing Section 1263.20, adding new section 1263.22, and renumbering existing Sections 1263.21 and 1263.22 of the Zoning Code of the Shaker Heights Codified Ordinances. 

Ordinance No. 13-61: Enacted July 8, 2013. Amending the Codified Ordinances of the City of Shaker Heights to conform to current state law, and declaring an emergency.

Ordinance No. 13-100: Enacted November 25, 2013, will become effective December 25, 2013. Amending the title of Chapter 1413, and amending Sections 1413.01 and 1413.99, of the Housing Code of the Shaker Heights Codified Ordinances concerning certificates of occupancy.

Ordinance No. 13-113: Enacted December 16, 2013, effective December 21, 2013. Amends Section 135.05 of the Administrative Code relative to Life, Disability Income, Dental and Health Insurance for employees of the City, to modify the health care plan provisions for non-bargaining employees.

Ordinance No. 13-114: Enacted December 16, 2013, effective January 15, 2014. Amends various sections of the Codified Ordinances to make corrections and clarifications, by repealing Sections 113.10 and 141.13, and Chapter 133, and by amending Chapter 105, and Sections 113.07, 113.08, 115.06, 121.08, 121.11, 123.06, 131.01, 131.03, 135.15, 135.17, 1105.02, 1301.05, 1301.06, 1301.07, and 1301.08

Ordinance No. 13-115: Enacted December 16, 2013, becomes effective upon signing by the Mayor, or no later than December 21, 2013. Amends Section 141.10 of the Administrative Code to authorize participation in the Federal General Services Administration contractor program.

Shaker Heights Latest

Information on Flood Clean Up from the Red Cross and the City

July 28, 2014: The Red Cross has offered helpful information about cleaning up after a basement flood. The information includes a comprehensive Flood Safety Checklist.

In addition, the Public Works Department will pick up large water damaged items from tree lawns today through Thursday, July 31. If you leave items on your tree lawn, please call 491-1490 to let Public Works know that you have a pick up.


Pool Closed

July 28, 2014: Due to inclement weather, the pool at Thornton Park will close at 2 pm.

Health Department Offers Flu Shot Clinic

July 25, 2014: The Health Department will be offering flu shots.


City's Home Watch Program

July 22, 2014 - With summer vacations upon us, give yourself some peace of mind while you are away from home by taking advantage of the City's Home Watch Program. Whether it's for a weekend or a more extended period of time, you can alert police of any upcoming vacancies by completing a Home Watch form.

Farnsleigh Road Closed Beginning July 14

Van Aken District Road Closed for Two Weeks

July 10, 2014 - Farnsleigh Road will be closed from Winslow Road to Chagrin Boulevard beginning Monday, July 14 for two weeks. Detour signs will be posted. Expect delays while travelling through the area.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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Community Band Concert Jul 30, 2014 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Computer Round-Up Aug 16, 2014 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Computer Round-Up Aug 17, 2014 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Community Band Concert Aug 20, 2014 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Computer Round-Up Aug 23, 2014 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
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