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Codified Ordinances

Codified ordinances are hosted electronically by Walter H. Drane Company and published by Conway Greene, which are publishing services and law publishing houses.


Codified Ordinances (complete through November 8, 2016)

Codified Ordinances Enacted after November 8, 2016:

Ordinance 16-133, enacted 12-19-16, effective 1-18-17: Amending Section 173.02 and Chapter 130 of the Administrative Code of the Codified Ordinances to designate the City’s Housing Council to serve also as the City’s the Housing Advisory Board.

Ordinance 16-135, enacted 12-19-16, effective 12-22-16: Amending Section 1309.01 of the Building Code of the Codified Ordinances relative to the Architectural Board of Review membership, to increase the number of allowable successive terms for members from two to four, in order to allow ABR members to serve a maximum of 12 consecutive years.

Ordinance 16-149, enacted 12-19-16, effective 12-22-16: Amending Section 135.05 of the Administrative Code of the Codified Ordinances relative to the waiver of Health Insurance for employees of the City.

Ordinance 17-13, enacted 02-27-17, effective 03-01-17: Amending Section 1305.01 of the Building Code of the Codified Ordinances relative to the addition and clarification of categories of Building Permits and Fees; including adding permit fees for specific categories of HVAC systems, such as air handlers, heat pumps, split systems, and geothermal systems for heating and air conditioning, and adding fees for fire suppression systems, mechanical exhaust systems, and gas lines.

Ordinance 17-38, enacted 4-24-17, effective 5-24-17: Amending Sections 141.18, 141.20, and 141.22 of the Administrative Code of the Codified Ordinances to include non-resident employees of Shaker Heights businesses in the definition of “residents” for the purpose of certain specified Recreation Department programs and fees.

Ordinance 17-44, enacted 4-24-17, effective 5-24-17: Amending Section 1415.04 of the Housing Code of the Codified Ordinances concerning point-of-sale inspections, in order to add a fee for the issuance of payments from escrow when the City serves as escrow agent.

Shaker Heights Latest

Landmark Commission Announces Photo Contest Winners

Fifth Annual Contest Celebrates Preservation Month

Dateline: May 3, 2017 - The Shaker Heights Landmark Commission announces winners of the fifth annual Preservation Month photo contest after reviewing 75 entries from 30 photographers. Created in 2013, the contest honors National Preservation Month, which is celebrated each May by preservation organizations across the country.


Courtland Blvd. RTA Crossing Closed May 3-22

Dateline: April 25, 2017 - Reconstruction of the Courtland Blvd. crossing on the Green Line begins Wednesday, May 3 and ends Monday, May 22 (weather permitting). The work is part of  RTA’s continuing improvements to Rapid rail crossings in Shaker Heights.


A Different Take on Make Happens at Shaker Makers Event

Makers convene to delight the public on April 22

Dateline: March 13, 2017 - The City of Shaker Heights hosts its first Shaker Makers event, a show-and-tell for innovators, hobbyists and creators of all ages. Makers will share their ingenuity, creativity and talents with the public at The Dealership, 3558 Lee Road from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday, April 22.


Shaker Boulevard Repaving Project Begins April 10

Public meeting scheduled April 4

Dateline: March 27, 2017 - Shaker Heights will begin a major road repaving project on Shaker Boulevard on Monday, April 10. The contractor anticipates that the project will last until early November, weather permitting. There will be four phases to the project:

Friday, May 26, 2017

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