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Mayor's Report for September 2018

Mayor Weiss announces the release of The Origin and Cause Fire Investigation Report for Fernway School. View the Mayor's Report, which includes a video message, at

Two Cases of West Nile Virus Reported in Cuyahoga County

One case involves Shaker Heights resident

Dateline: September 11, 2018 – The Cuyahoga County Board of Health (CCBH) reports a confirmed case of West Nile Virus (WNV) in a Shaker Heights resident. There have been two reported cases of West Nile Virus in Cuyahoga County this year and 17 in the state of Ohio.


Mayor's Report for August 2018

Mayor Weiss provides an update on Fernway School. View the Report, which includes a video message, at

Traffic Pattern Changes Around Lomond Elementary School 

New restrictions and limitations effective August 22

Dateline: August 15, 2018 - New traffic patterns around Lomond Elementary School become effective August 22. During specific days and times, some streets will be one way only and turning restrictions will be in place. Motorists should watch for new signs on Lomond Boulevard (near the school), Palmerston, Sherrington, and Strandhill roads and are urged to use extreme caution in the area. It is important to observe signs and obey the restrictions.

Friday, September 21, 2018

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