Permit Inspections

Learn about the City’s new Remote Video Inspection (RVI) process.

The Building Department inspects residential and commercial permit work, whether performed by a contractor or homeowner, to ensure compliance with Ohio’s building codes. 

To request a building permit inspection:

  • Use our Permit Inspection Request form.
  • Email or call the Building Department at 216-491-1461. Be sure to include the address, type of inspection you require, and your requested time frame. Inspections must be scheduled 24 hours in advance.

Learn More About Permit Inspections

All residential and commercial work that requires a building permit must be inspected by a licensed official for compliance with the Ohio residential building code or the Ohio commercial building codes.

Enforcement of these state building codes ensures buildings meet or exceed state minimum safety and energy requirements.

All permit construction activity is required to be inspected at critical points, including before work is concealed by drywall. If work is covered before being inspected, the contractor will be required to expose the work that had been covered; which is often costly. View a breakdown of when the inspections need to occur.