Prescription Drug Drop Box

Help us reduce the number of prescription drugs in our community by safely disposing of drugs that are no longer needed and/or expired. Law enforcement is the only entity legally able to accept these medications and process them properly so that they do not fall into the wrong hands.

Prescription Drug Disposal (Pills Only)

Residents may dispose of unused, unwanted, or expired prescription drugs at the Drug Drop Box located in the lobby of the Shaker Heights Police Department at 3355 Lee Road, Shaker Heights, OH 44120

The lobby is open 24/7. Pills only; no needles or liquids.

Liquid Medication

To dispose of liquid medication, mix it with something like coffee grounds, cat litter or sawdust to make it undesirable or unusable. Once the liquid is in an unusable state, place it in the regular trash.

Needles & Sharp Disposal

Learn how to dispose of needles and sharps online.