Economic Development Plan

City Council adopted an Economic Development plan for the City of Shaker Heights in 2010.

Economic Development Plan Purpose

The Economic Development Strategy is a framework of action designed to produce positive financial results while being judicious in the use of limited City resources. It proposes a variety of action items and policy interventions designed to enhance the City’s level of office-oriented and business activities. 

The plan envisions both a strategic and tactical response that includes:

  • Financial incentives to commercial property owners and businesses seeking to expand or locate in Shaker Heights
  • Investments in upgrading programs and operations that address Shaker businesses and commercial properties
  • An aggressive marketing, branding, and business recruitment effort

Key Elements

This strategy has identified key segments of the Cleveland metropolitan business community and commercial districts in Shaker Heights to target for investment and reinvestment. When the City is successful in growing these segments and districts, it will strengthen its fiscal base and set the stage for long-term economic health.

The recommendations of the plan significantly increase the City’s ability to diversify its tax base and generate the level of density required to support the types of amenities – restaurants and retail – that our community desires.