A-to-Z Guide to Living in the City

Wondering how to register a block party? Where to get a bike license? How early you can mow your lawn on Sunday morning? Below is an alphabetical listing of the City regulations and other information our residents ask about most. The responsible department is indicated in the parentheses (see key below). For more detailed information, including answers to almost any question you may have about Shaker Heights, check out our FAQs. Or download a shortened version of the A-to-Z Guide (PDF) to share with your neighbors.

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  • Bicycle Licensing: New licenses are $5. Re-issued licenses are 50 cents. Please call the Police Department at 216-491-1220 for registration dates and times and required documents. (PD)
  • Bicycle Riding: Helmets are required for everyone age 5 and older and for all passengers regardless of age. Children under 14 may ride bikes on the sidewalk, but must yield to pedestrians. (PD)
  • Block Party: Registration required at least two weeks in advance. (REC)
  • Bureau of Motor Vehicles is at 16945 Chagrin Blvd.  
  • Cell Phones: Drivers are prohibited from using hand-held cell phones to call or text while driving. There are limited exceptions. (PD)
  • Child Car Seats: The Fire Department offers free safety checks on car and booster seats required by the state by appointment only. Call 216-491-1200 for details and to make an appointment. (FD)
  • City Hall: Call City Hall at 216-491-1400. View a phone/email directory for City departments.
  • Community Gardens: Join one of Shaker's community gardens or learn how to start your own. (BH)
  • Composting: Rust Belt Riders offers composting services in Shaker Heights. Residents may also install compost bins in their yards (requires a one-time, free permit).
  • Dogs: Dogs must be on leashes and the leash must be held by the person at all times at Horseshoe Lake, Lower Lake and Southerly Parks. Outside these parks, dogs are required to be on leashes or under the control of their owners at all times so as not to create a nuisance. Dogs are not permitted to run at large, and owners are required to pick up dog waste immediately. Nuisance dogs should be reported to 216-491-1490. Dogs must be licensed annually by Cuyahoga County. (PW)
  • Electric Vehicles: Find public EV charging stations in Shaker Heights .
  • Emergencies: Call 911 from a landline in your home. Call 216-491-1234 from a cell phone. Add the number to your cell phone contacts. (PD)
  • Emergency Alerts: Sign up for ReadyNotify/CodeRed from Cuyahoga County to get emergency alerts from the County and emergency and some community alerts from the City
  • ENews: Sign up to receive one or more of the City's newsletters, including ourmonthly City ENews. (CM)
  • Fire Hydrants: The Fire Department flushes hydrants in the spring and performs hydrant maintenance in the fall. Hydrant flushing can temporarily discolor the water. Please run the water until clear. (FD)
  • Fire Safety: By ordinance, all residents must have photoelectric smoke detectors. The Fire Department offers free home fire safety inspections throughout the year. To make an appointment, call 216-491-1200.  (FD)
  • Grass Ordinance: Grass may not be taller than six inches. Tall grass and weeds that are spreading seeds are declared a nuisance. (PW)
  • Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority: Shaker has two Rapid transit lines (the Blue Line on Van Aken Boulevard and the Green Line on Shaker Boulevard) and several bus lines. Find fares and schedules at riderta.com.