Tenant Screening Cooperative

Are you confident that you have selected a qualified and dependable candidate as your next tenant? Consider utilizing a reputable and professional tenant screening service before you offer a lease.

Reasons to Tenant Screen

  • Save Money - Professional tenant screening minimizes the loss of income and the destruction of property caused by problematic tenants.
  • Save Time - Professional tenant screening saves you the considerable time it would take to track down references, do background checks, etc.
  • Peace of Mind - Avoid credit risks, violent criminals and repeat evictions by allowing an impartial party to check out potential tenants' backgrounds.
  • Good Business Practice - Tenant screening is a recommended fair housing practice to encourage a consistent application process.

Tenant Patrol, a tenant screening service, offers discounted screening for Shaker landlords. Visit Tenant Patrol Shaker Landlords Tenant Screening Program online for more information about the service.

Contact Us

For more information about tenant screening, contact the Neighborhood and Housing Specialist at 216-491-1333.