3553 Ludgate Moreland HouseLooks Like

Front porch heaven. First floor, second floor, with planters, with rockers, with a cool breeze on a hot summer day. A great spot to sit back with a cool glass of lemonade and enjoy the company of family and friends.

Feels Like

A fond recollection – of home and friends and home-cooked aromas wafting across a neighbor’s lawn.

Walk To

Shaker Town Center’s grocery and essential shops; the Chagrin-Lee commercial area with its entrepreneurial hub at The Dealership, 3558 Lee Road; Chelton and Around-the-World playgrounds;

Close To

Woodbury School, Elementary and High Schools; Stephanie Tubbs Jones Community Building, Main Library; Blue Line RTA stops.

Named For

Moreland Elementary, 16500 Van Aken Boulevard, built in 1926, now Main Library

Home Styles

3577 Chelton HouseChelton Road

Year built: 1930
Square feet: 1909
Style: Bungalow
Colonial detailing at front porch. An uncommon, turret-like dormer on the second floor. 

3665 Chelton Road HouseChelton Road

Year built: 1926
Square feet: 2884
Style: Cleveland Double

  • Double-tiered
  • Full width porch with low pitch roof
  • Intricate brickwork and different wood shingles.
  • Two and one-half-story, with simple gables and rectangular body shape

Learn more about the history of the Moreland neighborhood at the Shaker Heights Public Library’s Local History collection.

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Come to Neighbor Night! 

The last Tuesday of every month, 6-8 pm at the STJ Community Building (3450 Lee Road). Join fellow residents of Moreland and beyond for an enjoyable evening of community involvement. Engage in meaningful discussions and activities that are important to you while socializing with friendly neighbors. Let’s have some fun together!