Building Permits

The Department of Building & Housing issues permits for all residential and commercial construction projects in the City.

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A building permit authorizes a contractor or property owner to perform construction activity and installation of fixtures and equipment on a property. The State of Ohio requires all residential and commercial construction projects beyond basic repairs obtain a certificate of plan approval as part of the permit issuance process. This includes all new construction and exterior/interior renovation projects, as well as plumbing, HVAC, and electrical projects. Sidewalks, driveways, fences, roofs, windows, and many other common projects also require permits. 

Building permits protect property owners and their occupants by ensuring that work is designed and constructed in accordance with state and local building codes. All plans must conform to the codes listed below:

Current Building Codes

  Commercial Residential (1-3 Units)
Building OBC 2017 RCO 2019
Electrical NEC 2017 NEC 2017
Plumbing OPC 2017 OPC 2017
Mechanical OMC 2017 RCO 2019
Fire Code OFC 2017 RCO 2019

It is the homeowners responsibility to ensure the work is inspected before work is covered and at its completion. However, most contractors coordinate with the City directly for the inspection of their work. Learn more about permit inspections, including when inspections are required.

If you’re new to Shaker’s permitting process, take a moment to review our guide to Home & Property Improvements.