Business License (Commercial Occupancy Permit)

In order to move into a commercial space in Shaker Heights, you must have a Business License, also called a Commercial Occupancy Permit. This license must be renewed every two years on even calendar years.

To Apply

  • Download the Business License  (PDF).
  • Submit your printed application and the $100 fee ($125 for renewals after the expiration date) to the Shaker Heights Building & Housing Department (3400 Lee Rd.). Credit card, check, and cash payment accepted. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Learn More about Business Licenses

When first moving into a commercial space and then on a biennial basis, business owners must submit an application for the Business License to the Department of Building & Housing.

The City requires a commercial property inspection before issuing or renewing a Business License. Please note, all other building permits associated with the commercial space must be closed before the Business License will be issued. 

The Business License is required by City ordinance (Chapter 1317) and ensures that the City’s commercial properties are well-maintained and in compliance with both City ordinances and Ohio’s building codes. 

Fees for the Business License are: 

  • $100 for a new license 
  • $100 for a renewals before the permits expiration date 
  • $125 for renewals after the permits expiration date