Trash Pick-Up Schedule

To learn your trash pick-up day, find your street using the tabs below. Streets are listed alphabetically. For example, if your street name begins with A, select tab A-B. Questions? Email or call Public Works at 216-491-1490.

On some holiday weeks, your trash pick-up may be delayed by one day. View the Holiday Trash Pick-Up Schedule.

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  4. H-K
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  6. N-R
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  8. T-V
  9. W
Street Pick-Up Day
Aberdeen Wednesday
Albion Thursday
Aldersyde Wednesday
Almar Wednesday
Ardmore Wednesday
Ashby Thursday
Ashford Wednesday
Ashley Tuesday
Ashwood Thursday
Attleboro (2755-2975) Monday
Attleboro (3150 only) Wednesday
Avalon (3259-3396) Wednesday
Avalon (3507-33727) Thursday
Avalon (3469-3475) Friday
Becket (14004-14201) Thursday
Belvoir (3103-3197), 3230 Wednesday
Belvoir (2661-2766) Tuesday
Belvoir Oval Tuesday
Berwyn Wednesday
Boyce Tuesday
Braemar Wednesday
Brantley Tuesday
Brighton Monday
Broxton Monday
Bryden Tuesday
Byron Tuesday