Resource Center

The Resource Center located at City Hall (3400 Lee Rd.) can help with building code, permit guidelines, and information about roofing, windows, masonry, painting, electrical, and landscaping. The Landmark Commission also maintains the Specialty Contractors & Resources for Historic Homes (PDF), a one-stop resource for contractors and other resources for restoring historic windows, roofs, siding, plaster, and other features of older homes. For additional information on historical preservation, email Cameron Roberts or call at 216-491-1433.

Home Repair Resource Center

DIYers can take advantage of the City’s partnership with Home Repair Resource Center by attending free hands-on repair classes offered periodically in Shaker. Check the City calendar or email Theodore Darden IV for information on upcoming classes. Residents can also attend classes at HRRC’s facility in Cleveland Heights for a reduced cost.

Tool Library

For a yearly membership fee of $25, tools can be rented from HRRC’s location in Cleveland Heights. Browse the catalog of tools online before visiting.

For more information on repair classes or the Tool Library, call Home Repair Resource Center at 216-381-6100.

Heritage Home Program

The Cleveland Restoration Society's Heritage Home Program assists the owners of older homes in maintaining and improving their properties. Schedule a free site visit with the Heritage Home Program to get input on your project from a construction specialist by calling 216-426-3116.

Helpful Guides & Documents