Home in the Sussex neighborhood of Shaker Heights, OhioLooks Like

A guidebook of housing options including traditional single family homes, stunning new condominiums, apartments, and some two family homes. Hanging flower baskets.

Feels Like 

A hub of activity fueled by its walkability and regular neighborhood endeavors, such as the annual Ice Cream Social, the annual hanging of flower baskets from lampposts, or planting and tending a small triangle of public land.

Walk To 

RTA Blue Line stops; The Van Aken District and the Sussex Family Center.

Close To 

Thornton Park; Tower East; bus lines and roadways to eastern suburbs, I-271 and I-480.

Named For 

Sussex Elementary, 19824 Sussex, built in 1949, now Shaker Family Center.

Home Styles

Traynham RoadTraynham Road

Year built: 1939
Square feet: 2040
Style: Colonial

  • Painted brick with decorative external corner
  • Slate roof

Traver RoadTraver Road

Year built: 1928
Square feet: 2280
Style: English

  • Brick and stucco with casement windows
  • Wood shake roof
  • Decorative brick arch over door

How to Connect

Facebook: Sussex Community Association