Task Forces

Human Relations Task Force

Works to strengthen the City’s sense of community by increasing opportunities to interact meaningfully with each other and to help welcome new residents of all backgrounds. For example, Task Force volunteers teach English as a second language, go door-to-door to greet families moving to Shaker, and promote community conversations and events that bring people together from across the City. Residents are welcome to join the Task Force, but are not appointed by the Mayor. For more information or to get involved, please contact Task Force chair Sean Malone. View agendas and minutes for this Task Force.

Public Art Task Force

Facilitates the creation, display, and maintenance of public art within the City. Reviews and approves artworks funded by the City and/or planned for display on City land. Reviews calls for art and requests for proposals. Selects artists or artworks for commission, fabrication, or installation. Collaborates with artists to bring successful works to fruition. Promotes the City’s public art and public art-related programs. View agendas and minutes for the Task Force.

Risk Management Task Force

Reviews and provides recommendations on the City’s risk management program which includes employee health care, employee workers compensation, and liability and property insurance. This Task Force has no resident members. View agendas and minutes for the Task Force..

Wildlife Task Force (formerly Deer Task Force)

The Deer Task Force was created in 2015 to help assess the deer population in Shaker Heights and provide input on deer management for the City. Also evaluates other wildlife issues. View agendas and minutes for the Task Force.