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The new Van Aken District was inspired by a love for Shaker Heights and a love for this community. Jon Ratner, the developer of the District and a Shaker Heights resident, wanted to create a place where a new generation of residents could form new memories. Home to local businesses, merchants that know you, and spaces that quickly become your new favorite spot to gather, the Van Aken District was made for Shaker Heights. It was important to Jon Ratner to create a special place – one that was a reflection and an extension of the community in which he works and lives. The result: a vibrant and welcoming downtown for every resident to enjoy.

Recreation is a big deal in Shaker Heights. It's one of the many ways residents and employees gather and connect with each other. The Shaker Heights Recreation Department is full of people who care about fostering relationships. Alex Nichols, director of the Recreation Department, is a perfect example of one of these people. Not a day goes by where she isn't out talking to residents coming in for skating lessons or enjoying a snack break at Thornton Pool. These relationships are the lifeblood of recreation and the lifeblood of Shaker Heights.

Last year, the Richman family opened up the first rock climbing gym in Shaker Heights. Shaker Rocks is a space for people to come together to discover and share a love of climbing. The rock gym was dreamt up by the Richmans for the Shaker Heights community. Annie Richman felt strongly that the residents of Shaker shared similar qualities with climbers: passion, support, and dedication. It was crucial for her and the entire Richman family to be able to create a place that upheld and encouraged those same values.

Shaker African American Mothers Support (S.A.M.S.) is a group guided by their motto: Together is better. The group strives to create a network of support for African American parents and the entire community of Shaker Heights. The Hildana Park Celebration was just one shining example of their efforts. This event, which featured the dedication of a piece of public art and a new Little Free Library, brought together the Shaker community in a joyful celebration.

Day 192 : You’ll find the spirited dancers of Verb Ballets proudly housed in The Dealership— a co-working space found in Shaker Heights. The space, brimming with entrepreneurship and eruptions of creativity, made the perfect place for the contemporary ballet company.

Day 147 : In the City of Shaker Heights, Memorial Day means honoring fallen heroes, reflecting on their sacrifice, and celebrating the freedom for which they fought. The day of remembrance brings together residents who march in the parade and cheer from the sidelines in a joyful celebration of what Shaker Heights is: connected, diverse, and supportive. Come here for time honored traditions. Live here for the warmth of community.

Day 143 : Meet Chuck Bates, SHFD's Mechanic. Chuck is devoted to ensuring that all trucks, equipment, and tools are in peak working condition, regardless of age.