Responsible Reopening

Last updated May 26, 2020

Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton signed a Stay Safe Ohio order effective May 1, 2020, allowing certain businesses to gradually reopen as long as safety standards are met. Since that time, Dr. Acton has signed a number of new orders that modify the original Stay Safe Ohio order to allow more businesses to reopen and to lift stay-at-home requirements. The orders include detailed business reopening requirements.

Please review the full text of the orders as well as these sector-specific operating requirements as you consider when and how to safely reopen your business and operations.

Phases of Gradual Reopening 

The State will slowly reopen businesses one step at a time, and businesses that reopen will be subject to continued safety restrictions. Governor DeWine announced the following phased openings:

  • May 1:  All health care operations or procedures that do not require an overnight stay in a hospital will be permitted (assuming sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE) is available). Dental offices and veterinary offices are included
  • May 4:  All manufacturing, distribution, and construction not already in operation will be permitted to reopen
  • May 12: Consumer, retail and services can reopen
  • May 15:  
    • Outdoor dining is permitted to reopen at restaurants and bars
    • Personal service businesses are permitted to reopen
    • Massage therapy, acupuncture, and cosmetic therapy are permitted to reopen
  • May 21:  Restaurants and bars are permitted to reopen dine-in services
  • May 26: Gyms, fitness centers, non-contact sports leagues and pools are permitted to reopen
  • May 31: Child care and day camps are permitted to reopen

See the detailed sector-specific operating requirements from the State of Ohio.

Governor DeWine also encouraged those businesses with the ability to allow employees to work from home to continue to do so as much as possible.

Continued Business Closures

Certain businesses are to remain closed until further notice from the State of Ohio, including dine-in restaurants and bars (carryout remains permitted), personal appearance and beauty businesses, entertainment, recreation, gyms and fitness facilities, child care centers, adult daycare services and senior centers.  For a full list of businesses that are NOT included in these first phases of reopening, see the detailed list of Continued Business Closures.

Protocols for ALL Businesses to Responsibly Reopen

To protect the health of employees and customers and control the spread of the virus, the Governor announced these protocols that ALL businesses must implement upon reopening. Click here for additional information related to workplace safety.