Attendees of SH-BAM 2019The Shaker Heights Business Appreciation Mixer (or SH-BAM) is an annual event launched in 2014 by the City's Economic Development Department, Heights-Hillcrest Regional Chamber of Commerce (HRCC) and the Shaker Heights Development Corporation (SHDC) to celebrate our local business community.

Each year, SH-BAM brings the business community together for an evening of networking, local food and live music. In 2020, the pandemic required innovation since we couldn’t gather in the same in-person manner. While the gathering had to take place virtually, it created an opportunity to establish a new program format. We wanted to formally acknowledge the hard work and perseverance that our businesses put forth, so we created a recognition program. The recognition program celebrates a hand-picked group of Shaker Heights businesses for special recognition in categories ranging from Creative Promoter and Incredible Interior Improvements to Perfectly Pet Friendly and many more. While some of the categories and recognized businesses appear to be obvious matches, many of the reasons they were selected are “best kept secrets” that the public may not know about. As “insiders” the City’s Economic Development, HRCC, and SHDC staff have a deep knowledge of quiet strength our businesses hold, which aren’t often shared publicly. Click here to watch the 2021 SH-BAM and learn more about the recognized businesses below.

2021 SH-BAM

Learn more about the businesses recognized at SH-BAM virtual 2021 celebration. Watch the video of the event.

FASS Real Estate Services logoArt Infused Business

Founded 10 years ago, FASS Real Estate Services is today a leader in the local real estate community. In 2021, FASS was recognized in the Art Infused Business category for its enthusiastic embrace of local art and artists, including by featuring local artists' work  throughout its offices on Lee Rd.

Master Marr logoTrue Community Builder

Founded in 2014 by James Marr and Elaine Bayless, Master Marr's Taekwondo has grown into a popular and bustling martial arts community of students of all ages and abilities. This year, Master Bayless' effort to launch Imagine Chagrin, a collaboration between the Chagrin business community and the Shaker Arts Council was recognized in the True Community Builder category.

B 2 B (1)Get Healthy Here

Located on Chagrin Blvd., PPPhysique offers personal and small group training with an emphasis on a personal approach. Owner Preston Pennyman works to motivate clients, no matter where they are in their fitness journey. This dedication earned PPPhysique recognition in the Get Healthy Here category for 2021.

shaker-animalExtraordinary Exterior Improvement

Shaker Heights Animal Hospital has been a staple in the Shaker Heights community for more than 75 years. Now it's got a new home in the heart of the Chagrin Lee District, thanks to Dr. Jeremy and Lisa Welsh who took over the business in 2016. The exterior and interior of this former bank location were completely rehabbed to create a state-of-the-art facility and earning Shaker Heights Animal Hospital recognition in 2021's Extraordinary Exterior Improvement category.


boazIncredible Interior Improvements

Boaz opened its Fairmount Circle location a couple of years ago with a complete makeover of the interior of its location near John Carroll University, including custom wallpaper inspired by Middle Eastern tiles. Please your palate while soothing your senses in this beautiful space, which in 2021 earned Boaz recognition in the Incredible Interior Improvements category.

aceNotable New Business

When Burger's Ace Hardware opened its doors in 2021, Shaker residents were delighted to once again have a local hardware store at the Shaker Town Centre location. The renovation of the space is light and bright and employees work hard to help customers find what they need. All this earned Burger's Ace Hardware recognition as a Notable New Business for 2021.

upper-crustNotable New Food Centered Business

Upper Crust opened its Shaker Heights location in 2021 and the City's pizza lovers rejoiced. Offering a full menu of pizza, including numerous vegan options, as well as chicken and salads, Upper Crust was recognized as a 2021 Notable New Food Centered Business for its impact on the local fast casual food scene.

sharanCreative Promoter

The City welcomed Dance by Sha'Ran to the business community in 2021, when the studio took up residence at the Heights Episcopal Church on Warrensville Center Rd. in the space formerly occupied by Verb Ballets. Not only does owner Sha'Ran Marshall have a passion for developing dancers, she's got a serious knack for promotional events and activities. For this reason, Dance by Sha'Ran is recognized as 2021's Creative Promoter.

STEMEco Conscious

From its inception, STEM Handmade Soaps has made soaps (lotions, shampoos, and lots more) by hand and using only natural ingredients. STEM opened its Shaker Heights location in 2019 and quickly gained popularity with residents and visitors alike. For its commitment to sustainable practices, STEM was recognized in the Eco Conscious category for 2021.

B 2 BGreat Business to Business Collaboration

The recognition for this category goes to three businesses this year: Reclamation, Faithfully Fit and Africa Art. These three businesses — neighbors on Chagrin Blvd. — teamed up to create a special Saturday event to highlight their business and others in the community.

shaker-nutritionSuper Student-Friendly Business

Packing healthy ingredients into a yummy tasting shake is Shaker Nutrition's sweet spot and so no wonder it's a hit with the younger set. For appealing products, price points and more to attract students its business, Shaker Nutrition is recognized in the Super Student-Friendly Business category for 2021.

j pistoneUnexpected Surprises—Always Keeping it Fresh

J. Pistone continues to be a favorite with Shaker residents not just because it's been producing delicious, high-quality food for 20 plus years. It's also because patrons know there's always something fresh to be found at J. Pistone's, whether a new dish on the menu, a new product in the market or a reimagined catering menu.  For all this and more, J. Pistone is recognized in the category Unexpected Surprises—Always Keeping it Fresh for 2021.

true vibesPerfectly Pet Friendly

True Vibes Unleashed opened its doors on Lee Rd. in early 2021, providing a holistic approach to caring for dogs and their owners. With a full suite of grooming services, plus Reiki and yoga for pet professionals, True Vibes was an easy choice for 2021's Perfectly Pet Friendly category.  

cornerPeople Centered

The Corner is shop, gallery, launchpad, laboratory and creative community all found in a cozy corner at The Van Aken District’s Market Hall. Its goal is to highlight early stage makers of all kinds, as they seek to develop products for the retail marketplace. For this, The Corner earned recognition in 2021's People Centered category.




Recently Recognized Businesses

Creative PromotionGreat idea to draw in customers.
Dance by Sha'RanPicnic Hill
Eco ConsciousPrioritizes environmental impact.
Stem Handmade Soaps3-19 Coffee
Art-Infused BusinessIntegrates art in interesting ways.
FASS Real EstateLoganberry Books
People CenteredStrives to benefit everyone, not just customers.
The CornerGrooveRyde
Get Healthy HereGets people active and healthy.
PPPhysiqueIron Koi
Extraordinary Exterior ImprovementsNotable exterior improvements.Shaker Heights Animal HospitalGentleman's Cave Luxury Barber Lounge
Great Business2Business CollaboratorNotable business-to-business collaborationReclamation, Africa Art, Faithfully FitLuster
Super Student FriendlyPrioritizes the under-18 customer.
Shaker NutritionMitchell's Ice Cream
Unexpected Surprises - Always Keeping it FreshAlways something new.J. Pistone One World Market & CafeNature's Oasis
Perfectly Pet FriendlyLove for pets shines through.
True Vibes UnleashedProcess Canine
Notable New BusinessStand-out business with big impact.
Burger's Ace HardwareShaker Rocks
True Community BuilderWorks to build and support community.Master Marr's TaekwondoAround the Table Yarns
Incredible Interior ImprovementNotable interior improvements.
Notable New Food Centered BusinessStand-out business with impact beyond cuisine.
Upper CrustScorpacciata Pasta Co.