Moreland Model Block Program


Through the Moreland Model Block program, residents of the southern Moreland neighborhood who are owner-occupants can apply with neighbors on their block for a grant of up to $2,500 each to make improvements to the exterior of their homes. The purpose of this program is to assist homeowners in southern Moreland to:

  • Enhance the exterior curb appeal of their homes as visible from the street; and
  • Build community through neighbor-to-neighbor collaborations

Eligible owner-occupants can apply by themselves or as part of a group. Pair up with your neighbors to build relationships and leverage more grant funding! You and your neighbors do not have to complete the same projects or use the same contractors. Property owners applying together must live on the same block to receive a higher percentage of funds for their projects. See the chart below.

Who is eligible?

  • The property must be located in southern Moreland (south of Chagrin, west of Lee)
  • The property must be owner-occupied
  • Property taxes must be current or in a County-approved payment plan
  • Property must not be the subject of a pending mortgage or tax foreclosure
  • Other restrictions apply; see application for eligibility parameters

What projects qualify?

  • Maintenance and improvements projects done via this grant program must be exterior and must be visible from the street.
  • If exterior violations are cited on the property, the grant must be used to address those street-visible items on the property’s citation list first.
  • If no exterior violations exist, the homeowner can decide what their project is.
  • Project examples include roof repair or replacement, front steps or porch repair, landscaping, sidewalk repair or replacement, driveway repair or replacement, windows and doors, and more.

How does the match percentage work?

Approved homeowners can receive up to $2,500 for their exterior, street-visible improvement projects. The City will pay a percentage of each project (up to a maximum of $2,500). The percentage that the City pays is determined by the number of property owners applying together that live on the same block. 

Number of Neighboring Houses Participating% of Each Project Paid by the City% of Each Project by the Homeowner

Example: If your construction project is $2,500 total and:

  1. You apply alone and are approved: the City will pay $1,250 and you will pay $1,250
  2. You apply with one neighbor on your block (a group of 2): the City will pay $1,750 and you will pay $750
  3. You apply with two neighbors on your block (a group of 3): the City will pay $2,250 and you will pay $250

 What is the process?

  • Review the application (PDF)
  • Contact one or more neighbors to apply with you
  • Schedule a site visit with your neighbor group and the Neighborhood and Housing Specialist (216-491-1333) to discuss your projects.
  • Submit your application to Home Repair Resource Center (HRRC). They will be your primary contact throughout the construction phase of your project. Submission details are on the application.