Van Aken Bikeway

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Join Us!

Front page of postcard for Van AKen Bikeway public meetingsCommunity engagement for the Van Aken Bikeway starts in February. If you regularly walk or bike in Shaker Heights and have ideas about improving travel from the Van Aken District to western neighborhoods, please join us at one of these events:

VIRTUAL PUBLIC MEETING—Wednesday, February 1
7-8:30 pm
Phone: 888-475-4499
Meeting ID: 856 2106 7905; Passcode: 767552

IN-PERSON OPEN HOUSE—Wednesday, February 8
Drop in anytime 5-7 pm
Location: Van Aken District Market Hall (3441 Tuttle Rd.). Find us in the area behind Banter, near the Meade Rd. entrance.

Project Overview

This project will extend existing Van Aken District bike paths into western Shaker Heights, creating a critical connection to the future Lee Road bicycle infrastructure and improving neighborhood connections to primary transportation arteries for both pedestrians and cyclists of all levels. This is an important project intended to fundamentally transform car-dominated corridors and create well-connected neighborhoods and activity centers through a network of on-street bicycle lanes and a shared use path. 


The new Van Aken District, Shaker’s vibrant, mixed-use downtown, is the first major infrastructure project resulting from the City’s Strategic Investment Plan, which identified investment focus areas and developed a long-term roadmap to build on the City’s strengths. This plan also identified the Lee Road corridor as an area in need of improvement and the City is in the process of reimagining the ¾-mile Lee Road commercial corridor south of Van Aken Boulevard using the Lee Road Action Plan as a guide. This corridor will be transformed into a commercial district that is more vibrant, walkable, bikeable, and transit-friendly. This new Lee Road corridor will complement the established retail districts at Chagrin Boulevard and the Van Aken District. When complete, a fully connected bike infrastructure will be constructed on Lee Road from the northern to southern borders of Shaker Heights.

The Warrensville Multipurpose Path was completed in 2021 and responded to the broader vision to create connections and reshape the Van Aken District for pedestrians and cyclists. Additionally, a new streetscape for Farnsleigh Road was constructed in 2018 and includes a 10-foot wide multipurpose path/sidewalk. 

Building on these initiatives, the Van Aken Bike Facilities Plan will serve as a blueprint for a new phase of bike networks that provide active transportation alternatives and create connections throughout the community. 

Planned Investments

A $1.8 million project budget of local and Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA) funds will be used for implementing this plan in 2024, and the primary goal is to create more connections from existing Van Aken Bike Facilities to the Lee Road bicycle infrastructure slated for completion in 2025. Additions along key thoroughfares between the Van Aken District and Lee Road will include new bicycle facilities, cyclist amenities, signage and pavement markings, and other enhancements designed to improve the public realm experience, expand transportation alternatives, and increase cyclist and pedestrian safety.


Staff Contacts

For questions or comments, please contact Anna Mates in the Planning Department.