Community Attitude Survey

The City periodically undertakes a community attitude survey to help decision-making about programs and services by City staff and City Council. The next survey starts January 2023 and you can learn more below.

2023 Survey

Approximately 3,000 Shaker Heights households have been randomly selected to participate in a community attitude survey. These began arriving in residents’ U.S mail in mid-January. Perhaps you are a recipient; perhaps a friend or neighbor received the survey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of the community attitude survey?  
A: The community attitude survey is being conducted to gather input on Shaker Heights programs and services. 

Q: What is the information used for?
A: Responses will help Shaker’s elected officials and City staff members take a resident-driven approach to decision-making regarding programs and services for our entire community. 

 Q: Who is conducting this survey?
A: ETC Institute, an independent research firm, was chosen to conduct this survey after submitting a proposal in response to a public request for proposals.

 Q: How were survey recipients chosen?
A: The survey recipients were chosen at random from a list of all residential addresses within the City. ETC is surveying a random sample of the City’s households that is representative of the entire population in terms of demographics and neighborhood distribution. 

Q: Why are some residents receiving this survey and not others?
A: Because the survey utilizes random sampling methodology, not all residential addresses will be selected to receive the survey. While each residential address has an equal chance of being selected, only 3,000 of the City’s approximately 12,500 households will be selected to participate. Other national survey exercises, including the American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, use random sampling. While on a smaller scale, this random sampling exercise will be used to make statistical inferences about Shaker Heights’ population. Random sampling methodologies help ensure high validity of the results and randomization is the best method to reduce the impact of bias. 

 Q: If I’m not selected, can I still provide feedback?
A: Yes. The City will post a version of the survey on this website in spring 2023 and invite all residents to complete the survey. These results will be shared in an appendix to the final report.

Q: When will the results of the survey be made public?
A: ETC will present its findings to City Council in a public meeting this spring.

Q: Where can I find more information?
A: If you have specific questions, you may email ETC Project Manager Ryan Murray

Previous Surveys

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