Morality Healthcare and Training

CaptureCardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, is an important skill to know in everyday situations. As bystanders, we become potential lifesavers if we know how to perform CPR. As the holidays approach, and gatherings with family members and friends fill our calendars, we never know just how important it is to be proficient in performing CPR.

Morality Healthcare and Training, owned by Christina Williams, is an educational CPR-training business located at 3691 Lee Road, in the Chagrin-Lee commercial district. Williams provides CPR training through the Red Cross and the American Heart Association.

“As an LPN [Licensed Practical Nurse] I used to teach, and education has always been a passion of mine,” says Williams. “I wanted to combine my knowledge as a nurse and my passion for education, and CPR training was a start.” Williams is working on adding more types of CPR classes, such as ACLS (advanced cardiovascular life support) and PALS (pediatric advanced life support).

Williams began as an LPN working in home health and with an agency handling several different nursing homes. Opening her own small business, Morality Healthcare and Training, provides her rewards beyond her other work: “I love the flexibility of the work and making connections with patients.”

When it came to finding an office space, she chose Shaker because she found her landlord, Maury Kittle, to be trustworthy and kind.

Owning a small business allows one to follow their passion, and, in Williams’ case, it allowed her to be able to teach again. She received great feedback from her teaching and enjoys pursuing work she loves. Of course, it’s not without challenges. “It can often be difficult generating business, and finding different avenues to provide services.” Many professionals are required to have CPR certifications in place for their line of work, and many are already aligned with specific companies to obtain these certifications. With expertise in such an important skill, we’re fortunate to have Morality Healthcare and Training here in Shaker.

It goes without saying that healthcare workers are invaluable. When it comes to wanting to own a business within this industry, Williams advises knowing your material thoroughly. “If you’re going to become a CPR instructor, for example, it’s vital that you know your material inside and out; study it, especially the policies and procedures.”  

She also recommends going all-in if you’re considering starting a business.

“Just do it; jump in. It’s all about trial and error. You’ll never know unless you try.”

Morality Healthcare and Training is a small, family-owned business. Williams works alongside her niece, Ka’Sandra Smith, who also holds a CPR instructor license and teaches a different style of CPR, while still adhering to Red Cross guidelines. As Direct Support Professional, Smith works with mental ill-health individuals. She loves what she does and says it often doesn’t feel like work.

You can feel the patience and passion offered by this small business team of family; it’s exactly the environment and kind of teaching you’d want to be offered when learning these types of skills. Both Williams and Smith remind us that not only are the skills they teach important for us to know, but how fortunate we are that healthcare workers dedicate their time to make sure we know what they know, so that we can all do our part in contributing to keeping our community safe.

Morality Healthcare and Training offers classes by appointment and they are flexible with students’ time. Be sure to follow their social media pages @moralityhceandt for $5 off a future class.                   Call 216-315-3705 to schedule a class!