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Board of Zoning Appeals & City Planning Commission Agenda
Via Video and Audio Conference Due to
COVID-19 Public Health Emergency
Tuesday, June 1, 2021  7PM

For the safety of staff and residents, in-person attendance is not permitted. Join the Zoom meeting from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device. Join online to listen and watch at, Password: 33553400, Description: Board of Zoning Appeals and City Planning Commission Meeting; or join by phone to listen at 833-548-0282 (toll free); Webinar ID: 996 5678 6876, Password: 33553400.

Public comment will be taken during the meeting and residents may submit comments/questions regarding items on the agenda at least 6 hours in advance of the meeting by emailing Daniel Feinstein at; or by calling (216) 491-1435. Any comments or questions received before the meeting will be read into the record at the meeting. The audio of the meeting will be available the following day on the City’s website.


Roll Call.


Approval of Minutes from the May 4, 2021 Meeting.





Public Hearing on the request of Conner Karakul, Aristotle Design Group, on behalf of Jacqueline Dalton, 2590 Coventry Road, to the Board of Zoning Appeals for a variance to the accessory structure and corner lot fence regulations in order to install a pool, hot tub and fence. The applicant proposes to construct a pool in the side and front yard, 38 feet 3 inches from the Coventry Road sidewalk. Code allows pools in the rear yard only. A 5-foot tall ornamental aluminum fence with masonry piers is proposed to enclose the pool and be 24 feet 8 inches from the Coventry Road sidewalk. A corner lot fence is not allowed to extend beyond the setback of the adjacent house, which is 75 feet back from Coventry Road in this instance. A hot tub is proposed in the Coventry Road front yard near the house on a patio. A hot tub is allowed in the rear yard only. The applicant proposes to screen the fence and pool with numerous evergreen shrubs and trees.


Public Hearing on the request of Michael Beightol, landscape architect, representing Andrew and Kathy Joyce, 2977 Courtland Boulevard, to the Board of Zoning Appeals for a variance to the pool regulations. The applicant proposes to build an in-ground swimming pool in the rear yard. A variance is requested in order to provide the required 4-foot deck on only three (3) sides of the pool. The remaining side of the pool will have a 1-foot wide pool edge and landscaping. Code requires a 4-foot wide deck surrounding an in-ground pool.




Public Hearing on the request of Andrew Wehler, Nelson Architects, on behalf of Bank of America, 16450 Chagrin Boulevard, to the Board of Zoning Appeals and City Planning Commission for site plan review, a Conditional Use Permit for a drive-through facility, and variances in order to build a freestanding bank branch. The applicant proposes to locate a Bank of America branch building in the Chagrin Lee Square development facing Chagrin Boulevard. The vacant one story west wing of the existing building is proposed to be demolished and replaced by the bank building. Site plan review is required for all new buildings. One drive-through ATM lane is proposed on the east side of the building with a new driveway and exit to Chagrin Boulevard. A Conditional Use Permit is required for a drive-through facility. The drive-through requires a variance to provide three stacking spaces while code requires five stacking spaces. The front building setbacks exceed the maximum of 10 feet. The Chagrin Boulevard front setback is 21 feet 9 inches. The overall site has a shared parking variance from 1993 and revised in 1997 to allow 158 total parking spaces on site. The new bank branch requires 16 parking spaces by code and changes the parking arrangement so the existing parking variance needs to be revised. Two of those parking spaces extend into the front yard and are 6 feet 7 inches from the Chagrin Boulevard sidewalk. Code does not allow parking in the front yard. The landscape screening in front of those parking spaces is 3 feet 9 inches wide when code requires a 5-foot wide landscape area in front of parking spaces. A new landscape plan is proposed around the  building, which ties into the streetscape design and replaces the trees on Chagrin Boulevard. Council confirmation is required for the Conditional Use Permit

To request an accommodation for a person with disability, call the City’s ADA
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