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COVID-19 Public Health Emergency
Monday, August 24, 2020 at 7:30 pm

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Regular Meeting


Approval of the regular meeting minutes of July 27, 2020 (attached herewith).

  1. Comn072720.pdf

Public Comment on Agenda Items


Comments and questions submitted prior to the meeting will be read into the record.*


Enacting new Section 135.17 of the Administrative Code of the Shaker Heights Codified Ordinances relative to providing maternity and paternity leave to certain City employees. (ADM), (FIN).

  1. Emp Leave.pdf

Approving and authorizing execution of a Purchase Agreement under the City’s Side Lot Program, for the sale of the City-owned property located at 3646 Daleford Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio (Parcel No. 735-30-049), for a purchase price of $1.00, authorizing the disposition of City owned property without competitive bidding, and declaring an emergency.

  1. 3646 Daleford.pdf

Authorizing a contract with Kimble Transfer and Recycling, at a cost of $69 a ton for year one, $71.07 a ton for year two, $73.20 for optional year one, and $76.13 a ton for option year two, for recycling processing services, and declaring an emergency. (SPW), (FIN).

  1. Recycling.pdf

Authorizing an Agreement of Cooperation with Cuyahoga County for the emergency repair of South Woodland Road Culvert No. 3, and declaring an emergency.

  1. Culvert.pdf

Authorizing an amendment to the contract between the City and Greenman-Pederson, Inc. (GPI) to extend the term of the contract for the Warrensville Center Road Streetscape Improvements Project, and to modify the cost for services in the amount of $8,589, which will bring the total contract amount to $242,533, and declaring an emergency. (SPW), (FIN).

  1. GPI.pdf

Authorizing the City’s application for and acceptance of a grant in the total amount of up to $275,000 from the Ohio Department of Transportation (“ODOT”) for pedestrian and infrastructure improvements at the South Woodland Road/Warrensville Center Road intersection, and declaring an emergency. (SPW), (FIN).

  1. HSIP.pdf

Authorizing the acceptance of a $177,487.68 grant, on behalf of 33 communities, from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, through the Assistance to Firefighters COVID-19 Grant funding program, to purchase personal protective equipment, and declaring an emergency. (SPW), (FIN)

  1. FEMA.pdf

Approving acceptance of a 2020-2021 State Board of Emergency Medical, Fire and Transportation Services Grant from the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Division of Emergency Medical Services, for the purchase of EMS supplies for the Fire Department Rescue Squads, and declaring an emergency.

  1. EMS.pdf

Amending Ordinances No. 19-121 and No. 20-09, ordinances appropriating funds from the Sewer Capital Improvements Fund No. 402 to provide funding for the repair of mainline sewers, laterals and culverts, by appropriating an additional $100,000, and declaring an emergency. (SPW), (FIN)

  1. Culvert Approp.pdf

Amending Ordinance No. 20-46 making appropriations for the current expenses and other expenditures of the City of Shaker Heights, Ohio for the year ending December 31, 2020, in Fund No. 0101, the General Fund, and declaring an emergency. (SPW), (FIN)

  1. Fire Approp.pdf

Establishing as a Special Revenue Fund, called the “CRA Fee Fund,” in the fund accounts of the City, and declaring an emergency. (FIN)

  1. CRA.pdf

Determining to proceed with the lighting of streets and levying assessments of a portion of the expense thereof on the listed streets for the years 2021 and 2022, and declaring an emergency.

  1. Street Lights.pdf

Public Comment on Other Items


Comments and questions submitted prior to the meeting will be read into the record.*


*Comments and questions submitted may be edited if excessively lengthy.



To discuss preparing for, conducting, or reviewing negotiations or bargaining sessions with public employees concerning their compensation or other terms and conditions of their employment; personnel matters, including the appointment, employment, dismissal, discipline, promotion, demotion or compensation of one or more public employees or officials; and for the purchase, sale or development of real property where premature disclosure of information would give an unfair  competitive or bargaining advantage to a person, or otherwise adversely effect the general public interest.


ADM:   Administration Committee
FIN:     Finance Committee
SPW:   Safety and Public Works Committee

To request an accommodation for a person with a disability, call the City's ADA
Coordinator at 216-491-1440, or Ohio Relay Service at 711 for TTY users.