What are resident responsibilities?

Property owners are responsible for the private side of the sewer system on their property (including the test tee). More than 50 percent of the City's overall sewer system is on private property.

The City recommends homeowners clean their laterals every three to five years. If roots are present, laterals should be cleaned annually. A certified plumber can inspect a home’s laterals for proper water flow and complete any maintenance or repairs.  

In addition, property owners are responsible for:

  1. Hiring a plumber to place a camera in the sewer to look for problems in laterals on private property.
  2. Locating test tees. Public works will provide measurements to the plumber or resident.
  3. Repairing/replacing test tees, with the following exceptions:
    1. If the repair of the test tee is required in order for the City to properly repair the sewer lateral on the City side.
    2. If the City has directly caused any damage.

Note: By City ordinance, if a resident does not make needed repairs and health issues are observed, the Public Works Department will declare a nuisance. The City will then make the repair and bill the resident for labor costs +25%.

Property owners may request the City inspect the public side of the sewer system once a year. Call 216-491-1490 to request this service.

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