What are the steps for starting a Community Garden on City-owned property?

Get a Good Site

Call 216-491-1473 for information about available and suitable City-owned vacant lots.

Get a plan

Gather the information needed to complete the Board of Zoning Appeals/City Planning Commission (BZA / CPC) application.

  • Create a written description of how the garden will operate including participants and the leadership structure
  • Create a site layout drawing (hand-drawn with dimensions)
  • Determine how you will fund the garden
  • Determine how you will get adequate water for the garden
  • Create a timeline for starting the community garden
  • Contact neighbors adjacent to and across the street from the site and share your plans with them

For questions or additional information related to zoning or CPC, email Dan Feinstein or call 216-491-1435.

Get Approval

  • Building & Housing Department approval – Call 216-491-1473 to apply for approval to use the City's site for your community garden.
  • BZA / CPC approval – BZA/CPC will consider your request after you have received approval from the Neighborhood Revitalization & Development committee. You must submit a BZA / CPC application and your garden and site plan as outlined above and present your request at a BZA / CPC meeting. The BZA / CPC application fee is waived for City-owned lots. (Call 216-491-1435 to get started with your BZA / CPC application.
  • City Council approval – City Council will consider your request to use the site for a community garden after you have received BZA / CPC approval. City Council must also approve the license agreement you will enter into with the City for use of the site. The licensing agreement will set the terms and conditions for use of the property.

Get growing!

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