With the vast array of window styles available, how do I know which is the most appropriate for my home?

Before undertaking any project, look at your house critically. Notice the fine details of craftsmanship and compare the new product against what is currently installed on your home. How drastic is the proposed change? There are a large number of window manufacturers that fabricate new wood windows that replicate those fine profiles found on older windows.

Another important thing to do is determine the architectural style of your house. Most Shaker houses fall into one of three broad architectural styles: English, French and Colonial. Traditionally, the windows are the same color as the trim on the house. Shaker Village Colors (PDF) describes these styles of architecture (along with other common styles) and shows the appropriate color schemes for these styles of houses.

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20. With the vast array of window styles available, how do I know which is the most appropriate for my home?
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