What is the owner-occupied inspection process?

Every five years, a housing inspector will perform an exterior inspection of your home, garage, and yard areas. You do not need to schedule this inspection. You will be notified by mail prior to the start of inspections and then again after the inspection about any violations that have been identified. The standard compliance period for correction of code violations is 90 days. If the violation presents a health or safety risk a shorter time frame will apply.

An inspector will reinspect the property after the compliance date to determine the status of the violations. There is no need to contact the Housing Dept. to schedule this inspection. Property owners who have corrected their violations will receive confirmation in writing. Extensions will be granted if progress is satisfactory but incomplete. Check the current schedule to find out when your property will next be inspected.

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1. Why does the City require an exterior inspection for owner-occupied properties every five years?
2. What is the owner-occupied inspection process?