What is the false alarm ordinance?

The Shaker Heights Police Department responds to more than 2,000 alarms annually. Unfortunately, about 50 percent of these are false alarms. This diverts resources away from more important police matters in our community.

The City's codified ordinances require home and business owners to pay fines for excessive false alarms. Specifically, two false alarms are allowed within a two-year period. A third false alarm during this period will result in a $50 fine; each additional false alarm will result in a $100 fine. There is an appeals process.

Preventing False Alarms

  • Make sure everyone who uses your alarm knows how to operate it; this should include knowing how to clear a wrong code if you make a mistake on the keypad.
  • Lock all protected windows and doors before you leave.
  • Keep pets, balloons and fans away from sensors.
  • Use a reputable alarm company, which will regularly service your system.
  • Notify the alarm company immediately if you believe your system is not functioning correctly.
  • If you re-enter your home because you have forgotten something, turn off the alarm and re-set it when you leave.
  • Cancel an alarm you know to be false; you will not be fined if the alarm is cancelled before the police arrive.

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