Is it against the law to run away from the police?

There are indeed circumstances where it is unlawful to run from the police. However, each situation is different and based on the total set of circumstances, rendering it a real challenge if not an impossibility, to contemplate each and every scenario where it would be unlawful to run away from the police.

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1. Use of Force policies provide a roadmap for training. Items not written into the policy may or may not be covered in a training session. Written items provide a template for training. [Continued]
2. If a 911 call comes in that seems to involve someone with mental health issues, is there anyone with mental health training to accommodate the responding officers?
3. How long are complaints against individual officers kept in their files?
4. From the Shaker Heights Police perspective, which police policies and practices present the greatest challenge to police officers?
5. Is it against the law to run away from the police?
6. How often are complaints purged from police employment records?
7. Everyone now looks suspicious walking down the street wearing mask and hoodie etc. how will you change your behavior of stopping individuals?
8. Police are often required to do more than policing. They are asked to be therapists, social workers, psychologists, etc. [Continued]
9. Has the City considered instituting a civilian oversight component to serve those complainants who are less than comfortable with the notion that that the Department ... [Continued]
10. Does Shaker have any policies to support officers to report officers who use excessive force or display bias?
11. The racial profiling statement is a significant step. Can you tell us when it became effective and in what ways have officers been trained in order to ensure compliance?
12. Will you please make your Disciplinary Matrix (or related policy) accessible to the public on the website?
13. What specific changes are being made to create a culture of intervention for excessive force or unnecessary detainment within the department ... [Continued]
14. God forbid there ever be a riot in Shaker Heights but if so, will the SHPD be directed to actively protect the private homes and businesses of our community?
15. Has the choke hold been banned in Shaker? Is it documented?
16. Are there any residency requirements for Shaker officers to live where they police?
17. Please make your current use of force policy available on the website.
18. What about psych testing of officers?
19. What is the age limit for Shaker PD?
20. Are you reviewing the policy of having officers placed in our school buildings? Please address your perspective on why it is deemed necessary or constructive ... [Continued]
21. Besides unofficial friendship building, what is the department doing in terms of systematic relationship strengthening with (especially marginalized) Shaker community members. [Continued]