Would it be possible for our officers to be more proactive? [Continued]

Full question: Would it be possible for our officers to be more proactive? For instance, for the two examples shared tonight: Visit each place of worship 2-3 times/year. Work with high school groups regularly - even create a youth advisory group.

Answer: Our Department is continually looking for new and additional opportunities for community engagement.  Click here for examples of recent community engagement work. Please fill out our community engagement request form or direct suggestions should be directed to Sgt. Tim Grafton.

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1. How can you make City officials more accessible to community?
2. Can the police be more proactive? Could this presentation be done for the community more broadly? [Continued]
3. How do we create a police department that engages the community and lessens the divide? [Continued]
4. The SHDC meets regularly with the merchants in the district, I don't believe the police have acted on the recommendation made months ago to join that group.
5. We hear a lot about what parents tell their Black children about how to interact with the police to hopefully stay safe, but I would like to hear from the police ... [Continued]
6. Would it be possible for our officers to be more proactive? [Continued]
7. Could the officers share a couple of the lessons learned or insights gained, with some specificity, by their interactions with HS students.
8. How will the community be made aware of specific changes to policing policies?
9. I didn’t hear about any recruiting from Shaker Heights High School - could that be a pipeline we work with?
10. Marty and Tim and the only community engagement officers referred to and they are both black. Why?
11. We need more of this relationship-building work; could that happen? What is needed to encourage this? What barriers prevent it from happening?
12. Is there a plan to continue outreach to teens if/when schools go online only?