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Building & Housing

  1. Foreclosure Registration Form

    Submit within 30 days of the filing of the foreclosure.

  2. Request an Extension on Violation Repairs

    Extensions will be granted where reasonable progress has been made.

  3. Residential Property Tax Abatement Updated Owner

    Update the owner of record for a tax-abated property.

  4. Submit a Property Complaint

    Report a problem residential or commercial property in Shaker Heights.

  1. Request a Building Permit Inspection

    Same-day appointments are not available.

  2. Residential Property Tax Abatement Application

    Register an eligible property.

  3. Shaker Renovator Program Application

    Required application for contractors interested in joining the Shaker Renovator Program.

Communications & Marketing

  1. Calendar Request

    Submit an item for consideration for the City's calendar.

  2. Request for Realtor Kit

    Realtors can use this form to request a "Shaker is the Place" Realtor Kit.

  3. Top Selling Realtor Program - Transaction Submissions
  1. New Resident Questionnaire

    Help us understand why you picked Shaker Heights for your new home.

  2. Top Selling Realtor Program - Listing Information

Economic Development

  1. Feedback: RFP for 3393 Warrensville Center Rd.

    Share your comments on the RFP for redevelopment of 3393 Warrensville Center Road, the former Qua Dealership property.

  2. SBA Shaker Partnership Loan - Job Reporting Form

    Reporting Year 2019

  3. Shaker Heights Business Information

    Tell us how your business is operating during the COVID-19 outbreak, so we can share it with the community.

  4. Storefront Renovation Rebate Program - Business Owner Application - Part 2
  1. Home-Based Business Information

    Join a mailing list for home-based business owners in Shaker Heights.

  2. SBA Shaker Partnership Loan Intake Form

    Get started with the application for the SBA Partnership Loan.

  3. Shaker Heights Business Support Services Questionnaire

    Provide your feedback on our support services for Shaker businesses.

  4. Storefront Renovation Rebate Program - Property Owner Application - Part 2


  1. Fair Housing Complaint Form

    Submit an alleged discrimination complaint online.

  2. Register for Fair Housing: Accessible Design for All

    An online webinar on Tuesday, November 9, 5-7 PM

  1. Public Records Request

    Request a public record from a City department (not include Police). For police records requests, use the Police Records Request form... More…


  1. Proclamation Request

    Requests must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of an event.

  1. Service on City Committees

    Volunteer to serve on a City committee, board, commission or task force.

Neighborhood Revitalization

  1. Vacant Lot Application—Infill (Single Family Housing)

    Apply to purchase of a City-owned lot to build a single-family home.

  1. Vacant Lot Application—Side Lot / Community Use

    Application for acquiring a City-owned residential lot as a side lot or for a community use.

Parks & Recreation

  1. 2022 Shaker Spring Ice Spectacular Registration Form - USFS Members

    Registration form for USFS Members for 2022 Shaker Spring Ice Spectacular

  2. Commemorative Bench Donation Application

    Start the process of donating a commemorative park bench to the City.

  3. Horseshoe Lake Park Reservation & Permit Form

    Reserve the picnic shelter at Horseshoe Lake Park.

  4. Refund Claim Request

    Request a refund from the Recreation Department.

  1. Block Party Registration

    Register your event at least two weeks in advance.

  2. Commemorative Bench Donation Contact Form

    Use this form for inquiries about the City's bench donation program.

  3. Labor Day Parade Registration Form 2021

    Sign up to participate in the 2021 Labor Day Parade.

  4. Special Events Application

    Submit a permit application for your special event.


  1. 2022 Preservation Awards Nomination Form
  1. 2022 Preservation Month Photo Contest

    After posting your contest entry on Instagram, upload the high-res version here.


  1. 2021 Alarm Business License Application
  2. Complaint Form

    Start your complaint submission online.

  3. Mobile Ice Cream Vendor License

    This license is required annually by the City of Shaker Heights.

  4. Police Records Request

    Request an official police record.

  5. Report a Problem with a Traffic Signal or Street Sign

    Tell us about a problem with a traffic signal or street sign.

  6. Report a Traffic Concern

    Report concerns about traffic issues.

  1. Community Engagement Request

    Request the Police Department participate in your community event — or come tour the station and spend time talking to our officers.

  2. Family Safety Questionnaire

    This form allows families and guardians of individuals with dementia, autism spectrum disorder or other cognitive disorders to provide... More…

  3. Police Appreciation Form

    Thank an officer for his or her efforts.

  4. Report a Community Concern

    Report a concern that is impacting you or your neighborhood, which the Police Department may be able to address.

  5. Report a Streetlight Outage

    Tell us about a problem with a streetlight.

  6. Solicitor's License

    Apply for a solicitor's license in the City of Shaker Heights.

Public Works

  1. 2021 Heritage Tree Nomination Form

    Residents are invited to nominate trees to be honored with Heritage status.

  2. Response to Notice of Sidewalk and Apron Violation
  1. Report a Problem with Collection Service

    Report a missed trash/recycling pick-up or other issue with our service.


  1. Contact the Sustainability Committee

    Ask a question or just let the Committee know what you're thinking about sustainability.