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Shaker Heights Business Microgrant Application

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  4. The submission window for the 2023 Shaker Heights Business Microgrant application has closed. Please email us with any questions. Click "submit" at the bottom of this form to be added to our Business E-News.

    Small businesses empower our economy and make the City of Shaker Heights vibrant. We recognize the abundance of talent and hard work that business owners bring to our community, and we understand the challenges small businesses face. That is why the City of Shaker Heights and the Shaker Heights Development Corporation have partnered to create a pilot Shaker Heights Business Microgrant, a new incentive that rewards small businesses for creative, innovative projects and collaborations. Thanks to a grant from Citizens and a match from the City of Shaker Heights, we want to support and encourage you to be even more imaginative, work together, and be community leaders. 

    Beginning August 14, 2023, Shaker Heights business owners can apply for a Shaker Heights Business Microgrant to help fund a project that helps advance one or more of the following goals:

    • Improves a Shaker Heights commercial district
    • Fosters collaboration among two or more businesses
    • Cultivates business leadership
    • Promotes diversity, equity and inclusion
    • Encourages environmental sustainability in business practices
    • Supports entrepreneurs growing their business in Shaker

    Examples of eligible projects include: organizing a community event, beautifying a commercial district, launching a new business collaboration, participating in educational workshops to increase business success, or implementing sustainability efforts.

    Funds may not be utilized for standard business operations, individual business buildout or signage, the purchase of alcohol, religious or political campaign activities, illegal activities, or any uses that are discriminatory or may cause harm to the community. Projects may not be repeated and/or reoccurring.

    The grant will reimburse you for project expenditures up to a pre-approved amount. The maximum grant is $5,000. This grant is available to all Shaker businesses, including home-based businesses. We invite every Shaker business to participate.

    To apply, submit the form below.. After submission, the City and SHDC will review your application for approval. This is a rolling grant fund. Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. We invite you to apply as soon as possible but cannot guarantee approval or available funds. 

    We look forward to collaborating and supporting your creativity!

    In partnership, 
    The City of Shaker Heights Economic Development Department and Shaker Heights Development Corporation

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