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Service on City Committees

  1. Shaker residents are invited to volunteer to serve on a variety of committees, boards, commissions and task forces alongside their elected officials and city staff. When a term ends, or a vacancy occurs, the Mayor makes appointments of both Council members and residents. Terms range between two and six years, depending on the committee (or board, commission or task force).

    Find descriptions of each entity at Service on City Committees. Use the form below to express your interest. When there are vacancies to be filled, your preferences and qualifications will be evaluated. Thank you for your interest and willingness to serve.

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    Use the pull-down selections below to indicate up to three bodies on which you would like to serve. Please make your selections in order of preference.
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  7. Please explain your interest in serving on the committee, board, commission or task force you indicated. Include relevant work or other experience if applicable.
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