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Memorial Day Parade Registration Form

  1. Memorial Day is Monday, May 27. Use the following form to register as a parade participant. Plans for the parade begin 2 to 3 months prior to Memorial Day. The Recreation Department will contact you to provide information about your group's placement in the parade and when and where to meet that morning. Registration deadline is April 29.

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  3. Parade Participants

  4. Will your group bring any vehicles?*

  5. Types of Vehicles

    If bringing vehicles, please indicate approximate numbers.

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  7. Are You a Veteran

  8. Would you be interested in carrying the flag of your branch service?

  9. Use this space to provide any additional information that you think would be helpful for us to know.

  10. Notes:

    No candy will be thrown by parade participants riding in vehicles or walking next to a vehicle in the street. Participants who want to give out candy should walk along the side of the street where they can hand candy to bystanders. The candy should be kept with the parade participant to avoid reaching into a moving vehicle to get candy.

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