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Special Event Application Form

  1. A "Special Event", for the purpose of this policy, means an activity, other than a Parade, taking place in the dedicated public right-of-way, on any public property, including, but not limited to, parks and other City-owned facilities, or a public event on private property when City services are required. Past Special Events have included (but are not limited to) festivals, markets, street fairs, art exhibits, concerts or other live performances, and informational events.

    No person or organization shall sponsor or conduct a "Special Event" without first obtaining a permit from the Recreation Department. The application for such a permit shall be submitted to the Recreation Department at least six (6) months prior to the Event. The six month application period may be shortened by the Recreation Department for good cause shown, upon the written request of the applicant stating the reasons therefor.

    The Recreation Department shall approve or deny an application within fourteen (14) days of its submission, provided all the information required in the permit application has been submitted, along with proof of insurance and the payment of any permit fees if applicable. If the Recreation Department finds that the proposed Event will result in disturbance of the peace, or violation of law, or unreasonable interference with public travel, or unreasonable demand upon the personnel of the Police, Fire or Public Works Departments, including the cumulative cost and impact of permits granted previously during the year for other special events, or unreasonable interference with the right of quiet enjoyment by the citizens in the use of their property, or that food will be prepared or served in violation of law, the permit shall not be issued; otherwise the City shall issue a permit.

    No person shall knowingly give any false or misleading information in any permit application for a special event permit. Special event regulations and charges are subject to modification or change at the discretion of the City.

  2. EVENT APPLICANT Information

  3. If your event requires more than one primary Event Coordinator, please provide additional Event Coordinator's name(s) and contact(s) above..

  4. About the Event

  5. If you answered "Other City Parks", "Other Public Location", or "Other Private Location", please detail the exact location desired for your event.

  6. Please provide additional location details as needed.

  7. Event Components

  8. Please check all components that you are planning on having on location during the event.*
  9. Please provide all necessary information regarding the above event components.

  10. Additional Permit Steps

    "Special Events" that do not require the use of City services largely will not be subject to fees. However, several components will require an additional permit following special event approval.

    Tents - Tents larger than 10'x10' will require an additional permit from the Fire Department.
    Banners - Banners and signs may be displayed only on the day of the event and must be removed at the end of the event. No exceptions.
    Food Truck - Any food truck must follow guidelines in 546.01-546.03 and 1111.05 of the City's ordinances.

    In addition, the City may require the applicant to provide liability insurance depending on the nature of the event request. Following submission of your application, the City's Event Coordinator will contact you to review your event prior to its approval.

  11. Electronic Signature Agreement*

    By checking the "I agree" box below, you agree and acknowledge that you have reviewed the policies and guidelines for special events as set forth by the City of Shaker Heights and understand that your application is subject to City approval.

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