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ReadyNotify is a mass notification system used by the City of Shaker Heights in cooperation with Cuyahoga County to issue emergency notifications to the public. It is similar to the communications systems schools use to notify parents of closures or other time-sensitive information.

The system delivers messages to residents and businesses by telephone, cellular phone, text message, or electronic mail. The system is capable of sending messages to specific communities or to the entire county.

ReadyNotify is primarily used for emergency notifications, when rapid and accurate information is essential for your immediate safety. Receiving notifications through redundant sources ensures that you receive the appropriate messages during an emergency.

What Types of Notification Will I Receive?

You can expect to receive notifications about:

• Emergencies and Safety Messages
• Shaker Heights Building Closures
• Cuyahoga County Alerts

What Type of Information is Required to Register?

Participation in the ReadyNotify program is voluntary. A valid email and phone number(s) are needed to sign up. The registration includes requests for information about yourself such as your address, your primary language, and if you require any special assistance during an emergency event. Only information indicated with an asterisk (*) is required. For information about registering for a free email account click here. To register, click on image above.

How Will I Receive Messages?

When you sign up in the system, you will have the opportunity to choose how you want to receive messages. Messages can be delivered in the following ways:

• Cell Phone
• Home Phone
• Work Phone
• Email
• SMS/Text Messaging
• Fax

Visit Emergency Preparedness for more information on planning ahead for an emergency.

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