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Fields & Open Spaces

A listing of fields and open spaces for public use. Note, at times these fields will be scheduled for use by Shaker Schools sports teams and athletic clubs.

Boulevard Field
Location: Drexmore & Southington Roads
Restroom (seasonal), Baseball/Softball, Soccer

Chesterton Athletic Fields
Location: North Park Drive & Shelburne Road
Baseball/Softball, Lacrosse, Soccer

Courtland Oval Athletic Fields
Location: Courtland & Fairmount Blvds
Restroom (seasonal), Baseball/Softball, Soccer

Lomond Athletic Fields
Location: Lomond Blvd & Palmerston Road
Restroom (seasonal), Baseball/Softball, Soccer

Shaker Boulevard Median Field
Location: Shaker Blvd, directly across from SH Middle School
Restroom (seasonal), Baseball/Softball, Lacrosse, Soccer

Mercer Fields
Location: Green Road & South Woodland Road
Restroom (seasonal), Baseball/Softball, Lacrosse, Soccer

Shaker Heights High School Fields
Location: Shaker Heights High School, 15911 Aldersyde Drive
Restroom (seasonal), Baseball/Softball, Lacrosse, Football, Field Hockey

Shaker Heights Middle School Lower & Upper Fields
Location: Shaker Blvd & Belvoir Oval
Restroom (seasonal), Soccer, Lacrosse, Track, Football, Field Hockey, Baseball/Softball

Town Center Field
Location: Adjacent to Main Library
ADA, Bike Rack, Drinking Fountains, Restroom (seasonal), Walking or Nature Trail, Baseball/Softball, Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, Playground Toddler

Call 216-491-2577 for updates on field conditions.

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