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1. Will there be additional amenities for residents at Horseshoe Lake when the dam is removed and the Doan Brook is restored to its natural state?
2. Will residents still be able to walk around the park on a walking path?
3. How will this affect Horseshoe Lake Park itself?
4. What is NEORSD committed to paying for?
5. What will NEORSD’s recommended plan cost the City?
6. What would it cost to rebuild Horseshoe Lake dam?
7. What is the cost to construct a new dam at both lakes and manage sediment accumulation?
8. Isn’t there just a $6 million funding gap between NEORSD’s recommendations for Horseshoe Lake and the cost of rebuilding the Horseshoe Lake dam?
9. Why did the City drain Horseshoe Lake?
10. What about sediment in Horseshoe Lake?
11. What was NEORSD's involvement at Green Lake?
12. How can I learn more?
13. How can the residents of both communities be assured the land around the new stream will not be developed - commercially or residentially? Can restrictions be written into laws or ordinances? *
14. Does Shaker Heights have the legal right to reject the NEORSD plan to remove the dam? *
15. What is Shaker’s position on the plan? *
16. Will Shaker pay for a dam? *
17. Have you evaluated the impact on property values of removing one of the beloved Shaker Lakes? *
18. What weight are you giving to citizens’ desire to retain the lake? *
19. What value are you placing on aquatic and bird life? *
20. Why is Horsehoe Lake less worthy of preservation than Green Lake? (I live on Green Lake, so am grateful for that decision, and want the same for Horseshoe Lake.) *
21. What is the total anticipated cost to Shaker Heights for its share in rebuilding the dam at Horseshoe Lake? *
22. Have you considered the cost of the anticipated loss with its closure? *
23. Should the decision stand not to refill Horseshoe Lake, what are the plans to ensure the community has access to the nature preserve? *
24. Will the existing walking trails around the lake continue to be maintained? *
25. Will there be plans to build boardwalks or other accessible lookout points for the community to be able to observe the wildlife? *
26. What will the cost of these modifications be compared to repairing the dam and refilling the lake? *
27. Can you describe your plan to preserve the cherry grove while the dam is removed and the Doan Brook is returned to its original path. *
28. Have the cities and those planning the future of Horseshoe Lake considered the effect of proposed changes to the lake and dam on the designation of Shaker Village Historic District (Continued) *
29. Has a Section 106 Review been initiated as required by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (NHPA)? *
30. Has the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) been notified or consulted? *
31. Has the State of Ohio Historic Preservation Officer been notified or consulted? *
32. Has the Cleveland Restoration Society been notified or consulted? *
33. Please explain in detail all such historical planning, consultation and research to date ... (Continued) *
34. Even when Horseshoe Dam was functioning, I have seen large storms overwhelm the culvert where Doan Brook crosses South Park Blvd. (Continued) *
35. Why not restore the dams using the same materials which have lasted for a hundred and seventy-five to a hundred and eighty five years? *
36. If you remove the dam, will there be a bridge connecting North Park and South Park? You must not cut off pedestrians and bicycle traffic between the two sides? *
37. Also, will you add a picnic pavillion somewhere on the flat grassy part (either side, so long as anyone e can get to and use it)? Lastly, will you add toilets? *
38. Has there been any thought about pouring in grout or concrete to stabilize the rocks behind the dam's surface? *
39. Are the voids that have been identified scattered along the whole dam or entirely in the failing spillway structure? *
40. How much was estimated for removing silt? Was the cost comparison based on digging out all 22 feet for the whole length of the lake? *
41. What methods for stabilizing the spillway structure were considered? Were alternatives such as inserting a precast concrete liner into the main waterway considered? *
42. Will you file an environmental impact statement? *
43. Residents rely on the trails surrounding Horseshoe Park for fitness and transportation. (Continued) *
44. Since there will no longer be a lake there, can Horseshoe Lake be renamed? Maybe Horseshoe Meadow Park or Horseshoe Park? So there is not a reminder forever of the loss of the lake? *
45. Past circumstances led Horseshoe Lake to be classified as a Class 1 dam. (Continued) *
46. When NEORSD calculated Horseshoe Lake rebuilding at $20.7 million, how many acre feet of storage volume were in that plan (for Horseshoe Lake) and at what average depth? *
47. Are there any federal funds that could be applied for to pay for the additional cost of repairing or recreating the horseshoe lake dam? *
48. Are the cities of Cleveland Heights and Shaker Heights willing to seek alternative funding sources to save Horseshoe Lake by rebuilding the dam ... (Continued) *
49. NEORSD cited cost for Horseshoe of $6 mil, then $20 mil in a clarification response; then story cites $30 million. (Continued)
50. Why so much money? From my past recollection of 3 yrs. ago, NEOSD advised that fixing the dam & watershed issue at Horseshoe Lake would cost $6M. (Contiued) *
51. I have reviewed the NEORSD video on Horseshoe Lake and appreciate the recommendations. Green Lake is lovely now, but the trees surrounding most of the public part of it greatly limit (Continued) *
52. If Horsehoe Lake is eliminated, will the new dam at Lower Lake have to be gigantic (Continued) *
53. The Shaker Lakes represent far more to our community than a means of flood control. (Continued) *
54. Since boating, swimming and fishing are going to be permitted in Lower Lake, the fleeing nesting and breeding wildlife that need a lake environment will need a protected refuge. (Continued) *
55. If NEORSD removes Horseshoe dam and Lake, then the resulting new dam at Lower Lake will need to be much larger, destroying the beauty and historical significance of the present ... (Continued)*
56. How can we let Horseshoe lake disappear! Maybe the Sewer district says the lake isn't worth fixing but do they live here? (Continued)*
57. Was heavy machinery used to on the bridge and deck at Horseshoe Lake dam for recent parapet work and could that have contributed (Continued) *
58. In the early going shortly after Horseshoe Lake was drained, could earth-moving equipment have been brought in (from North Park or South Park or the park itself) to remove the silt ... (Continued) *
59. Please explain the costs, rationale and associated regional benefits of repairing, replacing or removing the Horseshoe Lake dam, as well as dredging the lake (Continued)