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Guide to Living in the City

Wondering how to register a block party? Where to get a bike license? How early you can mow your lawn on Sunday morning? Below is an alphabetical listing of the City regulations and other information our residents ask about most. Click here to download a PDF version of this guide.

For more information on the City’s Codified Ordinances, visit

Bicycle Licensing: New licenses are $5. Re-issued licenses are 50 cents. Please call the Police Department at 491-1220 for registration dates and times and required documents.

Bicycle Riding: Helmets are required for everyone 5 and older and for all passengers regardless of age. Children under 14 may ride bikes on the sidewalk, but must yield to pedestrians.

Block Party Requests: Register at least two weeks in advance at

Cell Phones: Drivers are prohibited from using hand-held cell phones to call or text while driving. There are limited exceptions. See

Child Car Seats: The Fire Department offers free safety checks on car and booster seats required by the state, by appointment, Fridays only. Call 491-1200 for details.

Contractors: Lists of contractors registered with the City can be viewed at

Customer Service Nominations: The City appreciates nominations from residents for outstanding customer service provided by City employees. Nominations are accepted year-round for recognition in the spring. Nomination instructions can be found at

Dogs: Dogs are not permitted to run at large, and owners are required to pick up dog waste immediately. Nuisance dogs should be reported to 491-1490.

Domestic Power Tools: The operation of any mechanically powered tool, other than a snow
blower, between the hours of 9 pm and 7 am, or on Saturday or Sunday before 9 am, is prohibited.

Emergencies: Call 911 from a landline in your home. Call 491-1234 from a cell phone. Add the number to your cell phone contacts.

E-News Updates: Sign up to receive emailed news about your community at

Fire Hydrants: The Fire Department flushes hydrants in the spring. See the Community Calendar at for street schedule. For questions, call 491-1200.

Fire Safety: The Fire Department offers free home fire safety inspections throughout the year. To make an appointment, call 491-1215.

Grass Ordinance: Grass may not be taller than six inches. Tall grass and weeds that are spreading seeds are declared a nuisance.

Horseshoe Lake Park Picnic Permits: Dates fill up fast! Reservations can be made one year in advance. Call 491-1351 or visit to register online. No reservations taken for Memorial Day, July 4, or Labor Day.

House Numbers: Addresses must be clearly visible from the street.

Landscaper Registration: Landscapers and tree maintenance and removal contractors must register with the Building Department (3400 Lee Rd.). There is a fee.

Lost Pets: If you have lost a pet, call 491-1490 (after hours or emergencies, 491-1499).

Noise: The playing of radios, televisions, musical instruments, and similar devices is prohibited between 11 pm and 7 am weekdays and 11 pm and 9 am Saturdays and Sundays, if they create a noise disturbance.

Parking Ban: There is no parking permitted on Shaker streets between 2 and 6 am.

Power Outages:  Please call CEI, not City Hall, at 888-544-4877.

ReadyNotify: Sign up for this mass notification system so that you are informed about emergencies and safety situations in the City. Messages are delivered by telephone, cell phone, text message, or email. For more information and to register go to and click the icon in the footer on any page.

Running: Runners may not obstruct traffic and are required to wear reflective clothing from dusk until dawn.

Safe City Hotline: To anonymously report any suspicious activity, call 295-3434.

Security: If you plan to be away from your home, fill out a Home Watch Form to let the police know your plans and how to contact you. Security alarms should be installed by a licensed alarm company.

ShakeRecycles: Shaker now offers single-stream recycling. Commingle everything in the five-gallon buckets provided by Public Works. Also, the mobile app and online tool, ShakeRecycles, provides personalized information and reminders about collection schedules, trash delays, and recycling events. The Waste Wizard component provides detailed instructions about how to recycle an array of items. Download it on your mobile device or access it at

Smoke Detectors: By ordinance, residents are required to have at least one photoelectric smoke detector adjacent to the sleeping area in each dwelling unit and at least one smoke detector on each additional level, including the basement. Smoke detectors are provided free to low-income residents and will be installed for any resident requiring assistance.

Snow Policies:

1. Snow Parking Ban. Parking in the street is not permitted when snow reaches a depth of two inches or more. This is to enable plows to safely clear streets of snow.

2. Sidewalks. City ordinance requires residents to clear sidewalks, including corner property curb ramps, of snow, ice, and slush by 9 am the day after a snowfall. If the snow on the sidewalks reaches at least six inches, the City will plow after streets are cleared and when crews are available.

3. Driveways. Homeowners must clear their own driveways; snow removal contractors must be registered with the Police Department and clearly display permits. Snow may not be pushed into the street, onto sidewalks or medians, or onto another person’s property. Please be aware that City street plowing will result in some snow pushed onto driveway aprons. Homeowners will need to clear their aprons.

4. Fire Hydrants vs. Snow. During times of heavy snowfall, fire hydrants need to be cleared of snow.

Solicitors: In most cases, door-to-door solicitors must be licensed and have their licenses readily available upon request. There are some exceptions. Contact SHPD at 491-1220 with questions.

Temporary Sign Ordinance: All temporary signs in residential districts must be removed or replaced after 45 days. Signs may not be located in the public right of way and must be placed at least 20 feet from the nearest sidewalk.

Trash Delays: Collections scheduled on or after the following holidays, unless they fall on a Saturday or Sunday, will be one day late: Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and Memorial Day. For reminders, download ShakeRecycles on your mobile device or from your computer. Call the Public Works
Department, 491-1490, to report a missed pick-up. Calls must be received the next business day.

Wood Chips: Wood chips are available while supplies last at the Canoe Club on South Park  Boulevard. Residents must bring their own containers and shovels.

Yard Waste:  From October 15 to December 15 brush collection is suspended to focus on leaf collection only. During leaf collection, leaves are picked up from the tree lawn (never in the street) on a bi-weekly schedule. To reduce trunk damage, please keep leaf piles away from trees. Landscapers should be advised to remove any yard waste from October 15 until April 15 when tree lawn collection resumes.

• After December 15 brush collection resumes as permitted by the weather.

• From April 15 to October 15 yard debris including grass clippings (no trash) must be put in paper leaf bags.


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