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2022 Shaker Spring Ice Spectacular Registration Form - USFS Members

  1. Instructions

    The 2022 Shaker Spring Ice Spectacular will take place Friday, April 29th and Saturday, April 30th. 

    USFS members should complete this form, in its entirety, to participate in the show. 

    Upon submission, your registration will be reviewed, and a Shaker Recreation staff member will contact you to collect payment. Please ensure that the contact information that you provide is accurate. 

    All registrations must be received by the deadline - Monday, December 6th. 

  2. Participant Information:
  3. Emergency Contact Information:
  4. Primary Parent/Guardian Contact Information:

    Information about the show will be communicated primarily via email. Please list your preferred email address here. If you would like to complete the secondary parent/guardian contact information section below, we will send communications to both email addresses. 

  5. Secondary Parent/Guardian Contact Information:
  6. Registration Information:
  7. Fees (for USFS Members):

    $200 - 1 Number
    $250 - 2 Numbers
    $300 - 2 Numbers & High Test Chorus (Intermediate Free Skate Required)
    $70 - Specialty Number (Solos/Small Groups/Features) *Costume Not Included

  8. Specialty Numbers:

    Please review the criteria for Automatic Solo Qualifications and Specialty Performance Auditions

    *Costumes are not included for specialty numbers.
    *Skaters in features will be assessed an additional costume fee.
    *Skaters in small groups may either provide their own approved costume or they will be assessed an additional costume fee.
    *Soloist must provide their own costume, which must be approved by the show coordinator. 

  9. Participant Measurements:

    It is extremely important that we have accurate measurements for all participants.

    Please click here for guidance in taking accurate measurements.

    If you require further assistance, please contact Ryan Zeltner

  10. Please specify toddler, youth, or adult. 

  11. Please specify toddler, youth, or adult. 

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