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Boards, Committees & Commissions

City boards, committees, and commissions, most of which include citizen members, meet regularly to develop legislation and/or recommend policy on a wide range of issues. Residents may bring a matter to the attention of Council by contacting the committee chair.

For a schedule of current meeting dates and times, call 216-491-1400, or visit the Calendar.
Also, review Agendas & Minutes.

City Committees

Communications & Marketing
Addresses issues related to the City's marketing communications activities as they pertain to attracting and retaining residents and businesses.

Recreation & Health Committee
Addresses strategic issues related to the delivery of recreation and health services to the City.

Finance Committee
Develops and monitors financial and administrative policy for the City; addresses strategic issues related to the financial health of the City.

Neighborhood Revitalization Committee
Addresses strategic issues related to strengthening neighborhoods and preserving and enhancing the quality of the City’s housing. Develops and monitors policies related to housing; focuses on community support and customer satisfaction and grassroots involvement in housing preservation activities.

Safety and Public Works Committees
Addresses strategic issues related to the delivery of safety and core services in the City, to include Police, Fire (EMS), and Public Works services.

Boards and Commissions

Architectural Board of Review
Regulates the design, materials, location and orientation of all structures to be constructed, as well as all exterior modifications to existing structures.

Board of Appeals
Hears appeals from decisions, orders and notices of violation issued pursuant to various City Codes involving housing, dogs, sidewalks, and other Codes, and nuisances involving housing, grass, trees, vermin, criminal activity, and others, as well as appeals referred by City ordinance to the Board of Housing Code appeals and the Maintenance Review Board.

City Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals
Makes decisions regarding amendments to the Zoning Code and map, variances, Conditional Use Permits, site plans, re-subdivision of land, and improvements to public land; implements land use policies; provides advice for specific projects; provides framework for leveraging physical assets.

Civil Service Commission
Determines the criteria for hiring and promoting City Civil Servants as defined by the Civil Service Rules. Three citizen members serve as the Commission.

Fair Housing Review Board
Settles housing discrimination complaints and provides a forum for communication and interaction among residents on human relations issues.

Tree Advisory Board
Builds community support for the City's tree programs, and educates residents on issues related to the City's trees and urban forests. Coordinates the annual Arbor Day celebration and seeks public grant funds for the maintenance of the City's tree programs.

Landmark Commission
Designates landmarks in order to preserve, protect and perpetuate places, buildings, structures, works of art and other objects having special historical or community value for reasons described in the ordinance; addresses strategic issues; provides assistance to all property owners on methods of preserving their structures.

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